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Hydrodermabrasion machine is a crystal free method to the microdermabrasion process. It is the latest renovation in skincare technology. Utilizing water jets, the outer layer of the skin will be broken up. This will reveal a smoother, more even texture of the skin. It is perfect for those that want to exfoliate the skin but have extremely sensitive skin. This procedure is gentle and very relaxing, with no discomfort felt.

The machine pricing includes:
> 1 hour Full training, face to face or online.
> 12-month warranty

Hydrodermabrasion treatments are highly effective in improving the skin’s texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving deeper water retention to the skin. Blood circulation is improved which leads to greater collagen production and thus skin tone improvement. Other skin related conditions that can be improved by Waterdermabrasion treatments are scarring, acne, unwanted pigmentation, blackheads and puffy eyes. Supplements and nutrients can also be administered using the Jet-M system.

Exfoliating and providing water
Exfoliate and provide water at the same time, the hydro dermabrasion machine can exfoliate keratin and hair follicle foreign, can effectively eliminate the accumulation and aging of keratinocytes, effectively remove follicular funnel department (hair follicle hole) and healthy skin and hair follicles hole without any impact. During cleansing, it produces a lot of moisture and provides lasting skin moisturization.

Safer, with almost no skin damage, finer, more targeted. For aging accumulation of keratinocytes, resulting in peeling.

Nutritional supply
Nutritional supply, convenient operation props, according to the actual situation of customers to use the solutions with removal freckles, remove red, wrinkle and so on, making the skin absorption significantly increased.

Functions of the 6 handles:

Skin scrubber
The hydro dermabrasion machine’s skin scrubber vibrates 25000 times per second, can instantly decompose the black heads, white pimples & acnes, remove cuticles and export out of skin. The ultrasound therapy can rise the temperature in deep skin to promote metabolism, speed up the nutrition importing. In the thermal effect of vibration, it will produce a series of bio-chemical reactions in human body, like drug release, changes in ion state, thus achieving the beauty effect. Skin will be slightly pink after treatment, but will subside quickly thereafter. Hydro dermabrasion is used on all skin types, and will help aging skin, skin that is congested, blemished skin, or dull and discolored skin. Oily skin can benefit to make it less greasy, and pores can be shrunk. Mild acne scars can be reduced, and fine lines can be decreased. Puffy eyes have also been treated using hydro dermabrasion. There will also be an increase in circulation and lymph flow. Skin will see results immediately after the procedure. Skin will be soft and feel hydrated.

Hydrodermabrasion handle
Hydrodermabrasion, the latest in skin care technology. Hydrodermabrasion utilizes the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard crystal or abrasive textured wands, generating deeply hydrated and healthier looking skin.

Oxygen spray gun
The Oxygen spray handle uses the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage on the skin in order to treat all kinds of purities, sensitive skin, neurotic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, the sunlight symptom, etc.

Bipolar RF handle
This handle is the radiofrequency for eye, mainly to heat the skin tissue to absorb a lot of heat energy and then combine with new collagen, smooth wrinkles, tightening the skin and delay the skin aging.

Cold Hammer Cryotherapy
Used for soothing inflamed, itchy or sensitised skin, the Cold Hammer will work to reduce post-processing erythema while closing the skin’s pores and locking in moisture. The ideal final step to almost any active skin treatment, such as microdermabrasion, skin peels and skin needling; the Cold Hammer is also effective in alleviating skin issues such as rosacea, psoriasis and acne.
The Cold Hammer is particularly effective for reducing edema and makes the perfect add-on procedure for soothing the eyes after treatments such as lash tinting, lash lifting or application of eyelash extensions.

Ultrasound skin infusion
This non-invasive but effective skin rejuvenating treatment uses ultrasound technology to emit streams of ultrasonic vibrations deep into the skin layers. At a high speed of 1.1 million vibrations per second (1.1MHZ), low frequency sound waves produce thermal effects at various depths of the skin while temporarily changing the structure of the epidermis, making it easier for topical applications to reach the inner tissue layers (Sonophoresis).
Sometimes referred to as HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), this modality will tighten and smooth the skin by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms to increase fibroblast activity and ramp up collagen production.
This modality can be used with ultrasound gel as part of any anti-ageing treatment protocol, or with topical solutions when deep delivery of active serums is required.


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