Advanced IPL Machine



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The Online Beauty Warehouse has introduced The Advanced IPL Machine. With triple-wavelength laser technology that embodies precision, safety, and efficiency. The fusion of multiple wavelengths and advanced cooling mechanisms ensures optimal treatment outcomes for various skin and hair types. Its versatility, along with its painless and efficient operation, makes it a standout solution for comprehensive hair removal, exceeding expectations in both efficacy and comfort.


  • Triple-Wavelength Versatility: Our advanced laser technology offers a powerful combination of 1064nm, 808nm, and 755nm wavelengths, enabling versatile usage across all skin types.
  • High Output Power: Boasting an impressive 1200W output power, our system delivers exceptional performance for effective treatments.
  • Large Spot Sizes: With options of 13x20mm, 13x30mm, and 13x40mm spot sizes, our system ensures efficient coverage, optimizing treatment sessions.
  • Advanced Cooling System: Employing a comprehensive cooling mechanism comprising water cooling, air cooling, and TEC cooling systems.
  • Longevity Assurance: Our system is designed for longevity, offering double life support guarantees to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Triple-Wavelength Laser Combination:

Our innovative system merges the capabilities of 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm wavelengths, creating a comprehensive solution for hair removal across all skin and hair types:

  • ALEX 755nm: Ideal for lighter and finer hair types, this wavelength’s improved energy absorption by melanin ensures effective results for a broader range of hair colors.
  • SPEED 808nm: A classic wavelength for deep follicle penetration, this wavelength’s high average power and large spot size enable rapid and efficient treatments.
  • YAG 1064nm: Designed for darker skin types, this wavelength offers deep penetration targeting the hair bulb and papilla, maximizing results and safety.


Painless Precision: Our system’s large-area bald head allows each operation to target 100-150 hairs, customizable based on skin conditions. The built-in circulating water-cooled system maintains optimal skin temperature, ensuring a painless experience.

Safety and Efficacy: Utilizing the Renaissance Xenon light source, our technology’s wide wavelength bands effectively damage subcutaneous hair follicles while inhibiting harmful ultraviolet rays, prioritizing both safety and efficacy.

High Efficiency and Versatility: Our concentrated high-power beam and advanced pulsed light technology effectively treat any hair color, thickness, or depth, including light and white hair. This broad applicability ensures substantial results for a wide range of customers.


  • Body Hair Removal: Effortlessly remove excess hair from limbs, armpits, chest, back, and bikini lines.
  • Facial Hair Removal: Tackle hair on the cheeks, lips, beard, neck, and more, offering comprehensive solutions for facial hair concerns.
  • Full Coverage: Address hair on various body areas, including arms, legs, and bikini lines, providing a complete hair removal experience.
Weight72 kg
Dimensions64 × 62 × 139 cm