High Performance IPL



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The Online Beauty Warehouse High Performance IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)  Machine is meticulously engineered for versatility. Our cutting-edge system offers functionalaty that seamlessly adapts to a wide spectrum of treatments. Its advanced features make it an ideal companion for various procedures, ensuring marvelous treatment effects across diverse applications.

Intuitive Interface for Effortless Operation:

Experience the convenience of a generously sized 15.0 inch Color Touch LCD screen. Designed with you in mind, our menu simplifies operation, allowing for easy navigation and seamless control.

Sustainable and Aesthetically Pleasing Build:

Crafted with utmost care, the system’s shell is composed of environmentally conscious ABS material. Beyond its striking design, its use of eco-friendly materials underscores our commitment to both aesthetics and sustainability.

Optimal Comfort and Safety Through Cooling:

Elevating your treatment experience, our system incorporates a cooling temperature range of -3~2 °C. This innovation ensures not only unparalleled comfort but also maximizes safety throughout each procedure.

Enhanced Monitoring for Longevity and Safety:

Our commitment to excellence extends to operational safety and longevity. With features like water level, water flow, and water automatic detection, our system provides superior safety.

Reliable and Enduring Performance:

Designed for dependable continuous work, our system guarantees stable functionality. Its enduring performance ensures treatments are executed flawlessly, allowing for efficient and effective sessions.

Global Accessibility Through Multilingual Interface:

Break down language barriers with ease. With a choice of 6 multilingual language options, our system ensures accessibility on a global scale, making it user-friendly and approachable anywhere in the world.

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Weight60 kg
Dimensions67 × 46 × 114 cm