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Our Hydrodermabrasion Solution is sold with 3 bottles each containing 400mls

AS1: Normal skin weak acid can promote skin peeling, gently remove impurities, remove keratinous sebum, provide non-irritating exfoliating effect to pigmented and aging skin, excellent botanical extracts minimize skin irritation and last for a long time Moisturizing.

SA2: Sensitivity, acne fat soluble & weak acid can easily remove acne bacteria and aging substances, VitA, VitE and natural moisturizing factors can calm the skin, sensitive skin is also suitable 

AO3: All skin (sedative solution) aloe vera and soy extract, green tea extract, cypress leaf extract, etc., penetrate deep into the skin, restore damaged skin cells, effectively help regeneration, improve skin’s immunity, brighten skin tone and makes the skin more lustrous.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 23 × 10 cm

3 Pack (AS1, SA2, AO3), 9 Pack (AS1, SA2, AO3), 12 pack (AS1, SA2, AO3), 5 Pack SA2, 5 Pack AO3, 5 Pack AS1