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Medical Grade Infrared High Intensity Led


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Elevate your skincare routine with the Infrared High-Intensity LED, a cutting-edge device exclusively available at The Online Beauty Warehouse. This revolutionary system reimagines radiant skincare, blending the rejuvenating prowess of red and blue LED light therapy with the therapeutic benefits of infrared light, offering a holistic solution for a myriad of skin concerns.

Crafted with precision and innovation, here’s why the Infrared High-Intensity LED stands out:

Red Light (635+5nm) for Skin Rejuvenation:

Harnessing the regenerative power of red light (635+5nm), this device stimulates collagen production, diminishes fine lines, and restores a youthful radiance. Experience a non-invasive treatment that revitalizes skin texture and enhances its natural glow.

Blue Light (420+5nm) for Acne Treatment:

Combat acne and blemishes effectively with blue light (420+5nm) therapy. Targeting acne-causing bacteria, this wavelength minimizes breakouts, reduces inflammation, and promotes clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Infrared Light (850+5nm) for Deep Tissue Healing:

Experience deep tissue healing with infrared light (850+5nm), known for its ability to penetrate the skin deeply. Accelerate tissue repair, increase blood circulation, and find relief from muscle soreness, adding a therapeutic touch to your skincare and wellness regimen.

Energy Level Adjustment:

Tailor your skincare treatment with the energy level adjustment feature. Customize the intensity of the LED lights to suit your skin’s needs, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment every time.

Touch Screen Interface for Precision and Convenience:

Stay in control of your skincare routine with the intuitive touch screen interface. Effortlessly navigate through settings and options, ensuring optimal results with ease and convenience.

Time Display for Precision and Convenience:

Monitor the duration of your treatment effortlessly with the built-in time display. Set your desired time and let the Infrared High-Intensity LED guide you through a seamless skincare experience.

Comprehensive Skincare Solution:

With the combined power of red, blue, and infrared light, the Infrared High-Intensity LED offers a holistic skincare solution. Whether addressing signs of aging, acne, or simply nurturing overall skin wellness, this device caters to a diverse range of skincare needs.

Experience transformative skincare with the Infrared High-Intensity LED, exclusively available at The Online Beauty Warehouse. For more information or to make a purchase, contact us at 1300 951 664. Elevate your skincare journey with this advanced LED technology today.


  • Power Supply: AC100V-230V 50/60Hz
  • Red Light Wavelength: 635+5nm
  • Blue Light Wavelength: 420+5nm
  • Infrared Light Wavelength: 850+5nm
  • LED Quantity: 1350
  • Light Intensity: 60mw/cm2
  • Package 1 Dimensions: 58x54x43cm, Weight: 18kg

Package 2 Dimensions: 92x17x17cm, Weight: 5kg


Cost per treatment RRP
No cost for consumables $200
Weight18 kg
Dimensions58 × 54 × 43 cm