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Spa Deluxe Japanese Head Spa Plumbed – White


Experience the pinnacle of relaxation and luxury with our Spa Deluxe Japanese Head Spa Plumbed – White, exclusively available at the Online Beauty Warehouse. This premium head spa system is designed to offer a rejuvenating and soothing scalp treatment, bringing the essence of traditional Japanese spa techniques to your professional salon with the integration of professional plumbing.

Key Features:

Premium Design: Crafted with high-quality materials, this head spa system ensures durability and comfort. The sleek, ergonomic design supports the neck and head perfectly, making each session a blissful experience.

Requires Plumbing: Designed for professional setups, this head spa system requires plumbing, ensuring a constant flow of water and optimal performance. Ideal for high-end salons and dedicated spa rooms.

Advanced Technology: Equipped with innovative features such as a separate shower head handle for targeted treatments and a half-moon elliptical adjustable head therapy massager.

Digital Adjustable Temperature Settings: Customize your spa experience with precise digital temperature controls, ensuring the perfect water temperature for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Traditional Japanese Techniques: Inspired by time-honored Japanese head spa methods, this device promotes scalp health, enhances hair quality, and provides deep relaxation.

User-Friendly Controls: Easy-to-use digital controls make it simple to customize your spa experience, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Professional Spa Table: The included spa table is designed for maximum comfort and support, making it ideal for extended treatments. Its adjustable features ensure the perfect fit for every client.

Cover for Basin: Includes a cover for the basin, transforming it into a beauty bed when not in use for head spa treatments.

Steamer Upgrade Available: Enhance your spa experience with the optional steamer upgrade, available for separate purchase.

Professional and Versatile: Ideal for professional use, this head spa system is perfect for stationary spa services. Its versatile design caters to a wide range of scalp and hair treatments.

Why Choose Our Spa Deluxe Japanese Head Spa Plumbed – White?

Indulge in the ultimate head spa experience that combines traditional Japanese wellness practices with modern technology. Whether you’re looking to elevate your salon services or enjoy a luxurious spa day at home, our Spa Deluxe Japanese Head Spa Plumbed – White is the perfect solution. Transform any space into a serene oasis and offer your clients or yourself the best in relaxation and hair care.

Discover the art of Japanese head spa with our premium head spa system, available now at the Online Beauty Warehouse. Elevate your relaxation and hair care routine to new heights with this exceptional piece of spa equipment.

Order Yours Today and Experience Unmatched Luxury!

Weight100 kg
Dimensions215 × 82 × 82 cm