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3 in 1 Super Facial Machine



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The Online Beauty Warehouse 3 in 1 Super facial Machine stands at the forefront of skincare innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and third-generation radio frequency advancements to provide a streamlined solution for comprehensive skin rejuvenation. This sophisticated device is meticulously designed to unlock a realm of effective and effortless skin enhancements, encompassing skin whitening, smoothing, wrinkle reduction, and anti-aging effects.

Revolutionary Technology Unveiled:

At the heart of this innovation lies the ingenious thermo kinetic energy technology, a process that orchestrates the creation of nanoscale carbon dioxide bubbles through the harmonious interaction of the thermo bubble head with nutrient-rich essence. These microcosmic bubbles assume a pivotal role in the therapeutic journey. Complementing this, the re-oxygenation bubble head generates kinetic energy with calculated precision, orchestrating a symphony of frequencies and amplitudes to fuel optimized chemical reactions. The outcome? A surge in CO2 bubbles, poised to delve deeper into the skin’s intricate layers. This fusion of thermal and kinetic energy forms the bedrock for profound outcomes: cleansing that is deep-seated, skin whitening that illuminates, and rejuvenation that revitalizes.

A Glimpse into Bubbly Efficacy:

  • Reviving Oxygen Quotient: A profusion of CO2 bubbles ignites a natural cascade of oxygen replenishment. This upsurge in oxygenation weaves a tapestry of holistic skin health enhancements.
  • Unveiling Deep Purity: These bubbles unravel their innate potential in profound ways, ushering in an era of deep-seated skin purification. They meticulously draw impurities from the skin’s surface and excavate clogged pores, offering a transformative cleansing experience.
  • Unlocking Nutrient’s Potential: The enigmatic CO2 bubbles are virtuosos in nutrient absorption. Skillfully harnessing the skin’s receptivity, they enhance the absorption of active nutrients from the applied skincare products, amplifying their efficacy and benefits manifold.
  • Reshaping Firmness and Suppleness: The kinetic energy orchestrated by the bubbles weaves a tale of skin transformation. As skin tightens and firms, the effects resonate with an unmistakable touch of youthful resilience.

Quartet of Beauty through Bubbles:

  • Luminous Whitening: This innovative treatment culminates in a canvas of radiant luminosity, as the skin is softly coaxed into revealing a more even, brighter complexion.
  • Profound Purification: Beneath the surface, a symphony of deep cleansing plays out, ridding the skin of impurities and unwanted debris, setting the stage for purity and clarity.
  • Elasticity Reimagined: The narrative of this treatment unfurls with skin-tightening prowess. Each application breathes life into enhanced elasticity and a revitalized, youthful appearance.
  • Hydration Infused with Vitality: Beyond mere skincare, this device infuses each pore with a breath of moisture and oxygen, as the skin revels in newfound vitality and plumpness.

Kinetic Energy’s Dance with Oxygen:

Central to this innovation lies the phenomenon known as the Bohr Effect. Abundant CO2 bubbles intricately navigate the dance of oxygen supply, amplifying blood flow and oxygen release within the intricate network of skin tissues. Metabolism flourishes, while the absorption of active skincare ingredients attains unparalleled efficacy.

Blood Vessels Unveiling Detoxification:

The presence of CO2 ushers in dilated blood vessels, a gateway to improved blood circulation, accelerated skin cell metabolism, and a rejuvenating detoxification process.

An Oasis of Active Nutrients:

The device orchestrates the symmetrical distribution of natural nutrients across the skin’s canvas. The kinetic energy technology remarkably heightens the absorption rate of these active ingredients. Oxygen-enriched skin cells embrace this nutrient infusion, fostering health, nourishment, and vibrancy.

3 Handles include:

  • Co 2 Oxygen Handle
  • Ultrasound Handle
  • Tripolar RF handle

To sum up The Online Beauty Warehouse 3 in 1 Super Facial Machine, epitomizes the pinnacle of skincare advancement. By harnessing the potential of CO2 bubbles and fine-tuned chemical reactions, this remarkable device ushers in a new era of oxygenation, deep cleansing, enriched nutrient absorption, and skin-tightening rejuvenation. Within this treatment paradigm, lies a promise of illuminated skin, purified radiance, revitalized firmness, and a luxuriously hydrated visage.

Cost per treatment RRP
 $20 $280

Weight6 kg
Dimensions43 × 41 × 21 cm