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13D Ultralift Pro Max HIFU


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Discover the Ultimate in Skincare Innovation with the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D

Welcome to the forefront of skincare technology with the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D from the Online Beauty Warehouse. This revolutionary system is designed to address a comprehensive range of facial and body concerns with precision, efficacy, and versatility.

Why Choose the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D?

Advanced HIFU Technology
The Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D integrates cutting-edge High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to deliver precise energy to targeted layers of skin tissue. This state-of-the-art approach induces thermal coagulation, stimulating collagen and elastic fiber production, resulting in enhanced skin plumpness, firmness, and elasticity.

Comprehensive Probe Selection:

Facial Probes:

1.5mm Facial Probe: Ideal for sculpting and tightening facial contours while addressing fine lines and crow’s feet.
2.0mm Facial Probe: Provides tailored solutions for individual skin needs, targeting specific concerns such as stretch marks and obesity marks. Perfect for sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.
3.0mm Facial Probe: Penetrates deeper layers for substantial lifting and tightening, delivering a more youthful appearance.
4.5mm Facial Probe: Targets the muscular layer, effectively addressing issues like double chin and neck lines for refined contours.

Body Probes:

6mm Body Probe: Reduces fat and shapes the body, combating cellulite and enhancing skin texture.
9mm Body Probe: Provides targeted lifting and tightening for body skin, focusing on areas such as the chest and buttocks.
13mm Body Probe: Offers comprehensive solutions for body skin rejuvenation, achieving remarkable results in body contouring and firming.

Vaginal 360 Probe:

3mm and 4.5mm Probes: Specially designed for internal skin lifting and tightening in intimate areas, offering enhanced firmness and rejuvenation.
RF Micro-Needling Probes:

10p: Ideal for small areas such as stretch marks.
25p: Perfect for facial treatments, enhancing skin texture and appearance.
64p: Targets larger body regions, promoting skin tightening and collagen production.
Nano: Facilitates lifting, tightening, and product penetration for overall skin enhancement.

Innovative Features:

Precision Technology
The Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D harnesses the power of focused ultrasound to reach precise depths within the skin, ensuring effective treatment of targeted areas with minimal discomfort.

Versatile Applications
This multifaceted device is equipped to perform a wide array of treatments, including skin tightening, lifting, and rejuvenation, making it ideal for both facial and body applications.

User-Friendly Design
Featuring a vibrant 13.3-inch touch screen, the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D offers an intuitive interface for seamless operation. Its advanced functionality is accessible to professionals, ensuring ease of use in various settings.

Transformative Results:
Experience unparalleled skin rejuvenation and body contouring with the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D. This advanced system is designed to redefine your skincare routine, delivering exceptional outcomes with every treatment.

Explore the Future of Skincare:
Unlock the potential of youthful, radiant skin and a sculpted, toned body with the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D. Join the revolution in skincare technology at the Online Beauty Warehouse today.

Shop Now and experience the transformative power of the Ultralift Pro Max HIFU 13D, where innovation meets excellence for your ultimate beauty solution.

Weight46 kg
Dimensions117 × 56 × 57 cm

13 Handles (13D), 7 Handles (7D)