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Revolutionize your teeth whitening experience with The Online Beauty Warehouse Teeth Whitening Machine. With added features such as :

High Efficiency Goose Pipe Design: Experience unparalleled convenience with a flexible goose pipe design that allows for effortless angle adjustment, ensuring the perfect setup for your comfort.

Powerful Combination of High-Power Blue LED: Harness the strength of a high-power blue LED combination, delivering an unparalleled whitening impact that revitalizes your smile.

Microprocessor-Controlled Timer Presets: Personalize your whitening journey with tunable bleaching times, expertly managed by a microprocessor-controlled timer. Achieve precisely the level of whitening you desire.

Smart Auto-Select Power: Seamlessly adapt to various power standards with an intelligent auto-select feature, catering to 220 Volts AC and 50 Hz for universal use.

High-Speed Multi-Arch Teeth Whitening System: Witness unmatched efficiency with a high-speed, multi-arch teeth whitening system that ensures rapid yet consistent results.
Uniform Light Output: Experience uniformity in light distribution with a high level of light output, creating a balanced and effective whitening process.

Highly Sensitive Infrared Remote Control: Take control of your whitening experience effortlessly with a sensitive infrared remote control, offering seamless adjustments and personalization.

Hygienic Disposable Sheath: Prioritize hygiene with an enclosed disposable sheath that prevents cross-infection. Experience peace of mind and convenience, knowing that patient safety is ensured.

Memory-Enabled 5-Minute Countdown: Enjoy the convenience of a 5-minute countdown with memory recall, ensuring accurate tracking of your whitening session. Extend your treatment to a maximum of 30 minutes for comprehensive results.

Impressive Specifications:

  1. Broad Spectrum: Benefit from a broad spectrum of 430nm to 520nm for host lamps, ensuring comprehensive coverage and effectiveness.
  2. Powerful Light Output: Achieve remarkable results with light output power of up to 2000 mW/cm, offering exceptional whitening prowess.
  3. Versatile Power Compatibility: Operate with ease using 220 Volt and 50/60 Hz power compatibility.
  4. Sleek Weight: A sleek weight of 4.7 Kg ensures portability without compromising on performance.
  5. Flexible Working Radius: Enjoy a maximum working radius of 38 cm, offering comfort and flexibility during your whitening session.
  6. Whisper-Quiet Fan Operation: Embrace a serene environment during treatment with whisper-quiet fan operation.
  7. Multi-Arch Whitening Application: Cater to diverse needs with a multi-arch whitening application, ensuring a comprehensive treatment approach.
  8. Enhanced LED Lamp Array: Utilize the power of four high-intensity LED lamps for a potent whitening experience.
  9. Informative Digital Display: Stay informed with a digital display that offers essential updates during your session, further complemented by audio feedback.

Embrace the power of a high-intensity blue lamp and advanced features that set a new standard in teeth whitening, promising exceptional results and an elevated experience.

Disclaimer: This particular device represents a state-of-the-art cosmetic instrument meticulously designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set forth by esteemed regulatory bodies such as the CE (Conformité Européenne) in Europe and/or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in the United States and Australia respectively. Its journey to certification involved undergoing rigorous testing procedures and comprehensive evaluations to guarantee its adherence to the highest benchmarks of quality, efficacy, and safety.

Cost per treatment RRP
 $2.50 $75-$150
Weight5.4 kg
Dimensions44 × 59 × 14 cm