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Black 2 In 1 Facial Steamer + LED Magnifying


Experience professional-grade performance with the 2-In-1 Facial Steamer + LED Magnifying Lamp in sleek black. This versatile device is designed to cleanse, hydrate, and open pores, while enhancing product absorption for optimal skincare results. Compatible with various water types including tap, distilled, purified, and mineral, it ensures versatility and convenience.

Operating the 2-In-1 Facial Steamer + LED Magnifying Lamp is effortless with its single-button control and convenient 30-minute preset timer. The integrated magnifying lamp offers 5x magnification, ensuring no detail is overlooked, while its 360-degree rotation and 180-degree flip capabilities provide flexibility during treatments.

Included with the device are an aroma therapy nozzle and a removable spray arm for added functionality. Plus, its ultra-smooth and noiseless wheels make maneuvering effortless.

Key Features:

Professional-grade facial steamer and magnifying lamp.
Cleanses, hydrates, opens pores, and enhances product absorption.
Compatible with various water types: tap, distilled, purified, mineral, and more.
5x magnification lens with 360-degree rotation and 180-degree flips.
Single-button control with a 30-minute preset timer.
Ultra-smooth and noiseless wheels.
Includes aroma therapy nozzle and removable spray arm.


Height: 107-122.5cm.
Width: 52.5cm.
Depth: 52.5cm.
Weight: 4.5kg.

Disclaimer: This particular device represents a state-of-the-art cosmetic instrument meticulously designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements set forth by esteemed regulatory bodies such as the CE (Conformité Européenne) in Europe and/or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in the United States and Australia respectively. Its journey to certification involved undergoing rigorous testing procedures and comprehensive evaluations to guarantee its adherence to the highest benchmarks of quality, efficacy, and safety.

Weight4.5 kg