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The Online Beauty Warehouse Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion is a cutting-edge, portable skincare technology that combines the benefits of multiple treatments to deliver exceptional results. This advanced system integrates Diamond Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion and Oxygen infusion to provide a comprehensive facial treatment. Equipped with seven handles, this hydrodermabrasion oxygen machine offers a wide range of functions to address various skin concerns. The primary treatment area is the face, where it effectively targets blackhead removal and acne treatment. The operation system employed is the Oxygen Jet Peel System, known for its ease of use and effectiveness. The Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device incorporates several features and functionalities to enhance the overall treatment experience.

Let’s explore each of them in detail:

1. Water Facial Cleaner Aqua Peel: This innovative treatment is a non-invasive exfoliation technique that utilizes a gentle water-based solution to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. The Aqua Peel process involves infusing the skin with a specially formulated solution, which then helps to dislodge and remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities. The water-based solution also hydrates the skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. This Aqua Peel treatment is safe, painless, and suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin.

2. Ultrasound Therapy: The Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device incorporates advanced ultrasound technology that emits 1 million to 3 million vibrations per second. This high-frequency vibration allows deep penetration of skincare essences into the skin’s layers. As a result, the treatment facilitates the gentle massage of cells, which promotes metabolism and enhances cell viability. Furthermore, the improved blood and lymph circulation contribute to healthier and more nourished skin.

3. Skin Scrubber Vibration Cleaning: The device utilizes ultrasonic vibrations in the skin scrubber feature, which aids in the gentle removal of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt from the skin’s surface. This process not only enhances the complexion’s appearance by revealing a clearer and brighter complexion but also assists in the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. The skin scrubber vibration cleaning is effective in deep cleansing the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and more refined.

4. Bipolar RF Radio Frequency: The Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device incorporates Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which is known for its skin tightening and anti-aging effects. The RF energy stimulates collagen production, leading to improved skin firmness and elasticity. The treatment is particularly effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and other facial areas. Additionally, the RF energy contributes to a lifted and more contoured appearance, providing a youthful glow to the skin.

5. Cold Hammer: The device features a Cold Hammer, which combines both water-cooling and air-cooling mechanisms. This cooling effect helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, making it an excellent post-treatment option for sensitive skin. The Cold Hammer also helps in minimizing pore size, tightening the skin, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. By stimulating collagen production, the treatment promotes skin rejuvenation and evens out the skin tone. The Cold Hammer is particularly beneficial for reducing redness and sensitivity, as well as diminishing dark circles and under-eye bags.

6. Hydrogen Oxygen (H2-O2) Spray Gun: The Hydrogen Oxygen Spray Gun is a key component of the Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion system. When combined with skincare essence, the instrument generates a fine mist of oxy-hydrogen, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases. The high-pressure application of this mist allows it to rapidly penetrate the dermis, enhancing the absorption and efficacy of the skincare products used during the treatment. The H2-O2 Spray Gun helps to hydrate the skin deeply, nourish it with essential nutrients, and promote a radiant and healthy complexion.

7. Panoramic Optical Intelligence Skin Detection: This aspect of the Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device is designed to enhance precision and analysis capabilities for effective skin diagnosis. It includes the following components:

a. 10-Megapixel High-Definition Camera: The device is equipped with a powerful 10-megapixel camera with macro capabilities. This camera can capture detailed images of the skin, including pores, texture, and other skin features. The image acquisition process is quick, completing within 8-12 seconds, allowing for efficient and comprehensive skin analysis.

b. Three-Spectral Sampling Technology: The device employs natural light, cross-polarized light, and ultraviolet light in its skin analysis process. Each type of light reveals different aspects of the skin, such as pores, wrinkles, elasticity, texture, stains, capillaries, sebum production, and blemishes. By combining these three spectral sampling methods, the device provides accurate and detailed information about various skin conditions.

c. Eight-Dimensional Skin Measurement: This feature provides a comprehensive and precise diagnosis of key skin parameters. It measures moisture levels, oil content, roughness, sensitivity, acne presence, hyperpigmentation, pore size, and wrinkle formation. With this data, skincare professionals can tailor treatments and skincare regimens to meet the specific needs of each individual’s skin.

Customization and Control: The Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device offers a high level of control and customization for each treatment modality. The vacuum range, output control, gold RF, electrophoresis, ultrasonic, cold hammer, high-frequency scrubber, and spray gun pen all have adjustable energy levels, up to 10 settings. This flexibility allows skincare professionals to fine-tune the treatment parameters according to the client’s skin type, concerns, and desired outcomes, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

User-Friendly Interface and Power Supply: The device features a user-friendly 10.1-inch computer touch screen interface. This intuitive interface allows skincare professionals to navigate through different treatment options, adjust settings, and monitor the treatment process with ease. The touch screen interface provides a seamless and efficient user experience.

In terms of power supply, the Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion device operates with an input voltage range of 110-240V at 50-60Hz, making it compatible with various electrical systems worldwide. The 150A power supply ensures stable and reliable performance during treatments.

In summary, The Online Beauty Warehouse Elite Advanced Hydrodermabrasion is a state-of-the-art, portable skincare device that combines multiple advanced technologies to address a wide range of skin concerns. Its versatile functionality, ease of operation, and advanced diagnostic capabilities make it an excellent choice for skincare professionals seeking to provide comprehensive and effective facial treatments. The device’s ability to customize treatments and precisely analyze the skin’s condition ensures that each client receives tailored skincare solutions.

Cost per treatment RRP
 $7.00 $200 with skin detection
Weight12 kg
Dimensions51 × 41 × 64 cm