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Steamer for Japanese Head Spa and Cover



Discover the Steamer for Japanese Head Spa and Cover, an essential component available at the Online Beauty Warehouse, designed to enhance your spa’s Japanese head spa treatments. This versatile unit combines a powerful steamer with a protective cover to optimize comfort and results.

Key Features:

Steamer Unit: Provides consistent and gentle steam for effective scalp treatments, promoting relaxation and enhancing hair care sessions.

Protective Cover: Utilizes a durable plastic cover specifically designed to be used during steam treatments, ensuring optimal retention of heat and moisture.

Enhanced Spa Experience: Elevates the effectiveness of scalp treatments by maintaining ideal steam conditions, supporting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Professional Grade: Ideal for professional salons and spas offering Japanese head spa treatments, ensuring a professional and comfortable experience for clients.

Easy Integration: Simple installation and operation, seamlessly integrating into existing spa setups for efficient and hassle-free use.

Compact Design: Space-efficient design that complements any spa environment, maximizing treatment room functionality without compromising on performance.

Upgrade your spa’s Japanese head spa treatments with the Steamer for Japanese Head Spa and Cover, enhancing relaxation and revitalization for your clients. Elevate your spa services today with this essential spa accessory from the Online Beauty Warehouse.