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Our facial steamer uses an electric heating element to boil the water in the reservoir jar in order to produce steam. The steam vapor is passed through to the nozzle where it can be directed onto the client’s skin. The steamer has an Ozone function which passes the steam through an Ultraviolet light. This has an antibacterial action on the skin, which may be beneficial for acne and blemished skins. 

Steaming prepares the skin for further treatment, and has the following benefits: 

  • Softens, warms and hydrates the skin
  • Dilates the follicle openings (opens the pores)
  • Softens oily deposits (comedones, milia etc) to allow easier extraction 
  • Stimulates the sudoriferous (sweat) glands to encourage the elimination of waste products
  • Softens dead skin cells, aiding desquamation
  • Stimulates sebaceous activity- beneficial for dry skins 
  • Increases circulation which improves oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin, and removes waste products 
  • Increased hydration, warmth and permeability of the skin may enhance the penetration of facial treatment products
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