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Jade Massage Acupressure Therapy Stick


Refined from authentic green jade stone, this elongated massage bar boasts a smooth, comforting touch that effortlessly glides over your skin. Its unique shape allows it to reach areas traditional massagers may struggle with, offering targeted relief. Additionally, it doubles as an acupressure pen for added convenience.

Versatile in function, this jade massage stick is not limited to full-body trigger point therapy and relaxation; it also excels in gua sha scraping massage, easing muscle soreness and alleviating pain. Suitable for various body parts including the head, shoulders, face, and legs, it promises a rejuvenating self-massage experience in the comfort of your own home.

For effective use, apply gentle pressure while moving slowly over muscles. At trigger points, maintain firm pressure for 15-25 seconds before transitioning. When targeting lymph nodes, employ light pressure and avoid swollen areas. For chakra energy stimulation, utilize circular motions to channel and invigorate energy flow.